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DigiTV is pleased to announce that in addition to the Sky, Virgin and mobile channels the Looking Local service can now be accessed from the Nintendo Wii as of March 6th 2009.

The service will be available on the following URL http://www.lookinglocal.gov.uk/[micrositename\\]

The ostensible aim of the new service is to launch another channel that provides access to the services and information provided by Looking Local with the main goal being its deployment on a broadband enabled mainstream consumer electronic device. This will then form the backbone of two major projects being undertaken by DigiTV that exploit the power and versatility of the Wii in the telehealth and telecare arenas of VirtEx and T-Seniority.

To set up a Nintendo Wii to access the internet follow the instructions located here. When the connection test has been successful a browser will need to be installed on the device, this is called the Internet Channel - details of how to install the Internet Channel are located here.

 Screen A

The Internet Channel requires a download from the Wii Shopping Channel. There is no cost for downloading this channel. See Screen A.

 Screen B

After the download the Opera browser is automatically installed and the Wii home screen will display the Internet Channel. Opening the Internet Channel (Screen A) will launch the Opera browser (Screen C)

 Screen C

Using the WWW button URLs to chosen sites can be entered using the screen keyboard (Screen D) or buy using a USB enabled keyboard. The Wii remote can be used to point at the letters on the screen keyboard or pointed away from the screen and used like a conventional remote control by using the directional keys.

 Screen D

Once the URL has been added and the site navigated to the URL can be saved as a favourite and accessed with one click via the 'star' button (Screen C). These bookmarks can be renamed or deleted accordingly.

 Screen E

The Looking Local home screen will be displayed as (Screen E).

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